Обложка книги Dr. Spock: An American Life

Dr. Spock: An American Life

ISBN: 0465043151;
Издательство: Basic Books
Страниц: 540

Amazon.comThomas Maier's solidly researched, candid yet compassionate biography of the man who revolutionized child rearing in America could hardly have a more apt subtitle. Dr. Benjamin Spock was a classic American rebel, a man who rejected conventional wisdom in favor of experiential truth. From his birth on May 2, 1903, to his death on March 15, 1998, Spock embraced many of the 20th century's defining social and intellectual trends, from Freudianism to antiwar protest. Yet all his actions sprang from a deeply ingrained sense of morality not so different from that of his decidedly Victorian mother. "Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do." With these words in the 1946 first edition of Baby and Child Care , Spock lobbeda gentle bomb into the world of pediatric advice, dominated in the first half of the century by authoritarian scolds. The radicalism of Spock's basic idea--more attention to developing a child's individual nature and less to ...