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Edward C. Rosenow

The Art of Living: ...The Art of Medicine the Wit and Wisdom of Life and Medicinea Physician's Perspective

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ISBN: 1412002621
Издательство: Not Avail
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 144
Book DescriptionDuring my nearly 50 years in medicine (closer to 60 years if you count the many years I visited patients in the hospital or their home with my physician father), I slowly realized that we physicians are losing, or never had, good bedside manner like my father and my role models did. As a result, and for many other reasons, we have lost the trust of the public. Practicing medicine has become a contract rather than a covenant with the patient. Our professionalism is being eroded. This is a 'how-to' book for young physicians who may not otherwise learn what the Art of Medicine is supposed to be from their role models. Many (most?) people have lost control in maintaining a balance in their lives, resulting in stress, huge debts and unhappiness. As a result, they cannot perform any job as well as their potential. We need to relearn the Art of Living. I can summarize why I wrote the book by saying, "I wish I had known all this when I was younger!"
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