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Constance Hayden

The True Art of Survival

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ISBN: 0974478504
Издательство: Mid-Atlantic Highlands Publishing
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 124
Book DescriptionTHE TRUE ART OF SURVIVAL is a collection of true stories from the professional and personal life of Dr. Constance Hayden. But as Col. Frank Jones, US Army (Ret.), says in the Foreword, the book "is more than merely interesting. It is also relevant to the rest of us for what it tells us about the human spirit and how one can respond to 'catastrophe' of whatever kind." For professionals, Jones calls the stories "teaching cases" that provide both medical doctors and psychiatrists with lessons to understand better how to help a patient through a traumatic experience all the while respecting the patient's autonomy. Life indeed generally roughs us all up--to a considerable extent. We never know what life has in store. And that is the power of the stories that Dr. Hayden shares. They truly do inspire us with the resilience of the human spirit in the fact of terrible occurrences.
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