Обложка книги Life Under the Microscope

Life Under the Microscope


ISBN: 1595710078;
Издательство: Word Association
Страниц: 461

Book DescriptionIn his first book, Dr. Hushang Payan told a series of sad and funny true stories about the experience of feeling like a "lousy foreigner." Coming to the U.S. from Iran as a young man, he dressed differently, he spoke with an accent, his tastes and habits didn?t conform. He was a stranger in a strange land. Now, in Life Under the Microscope, Dr. Payan continues the stories where the first book left off?his many years of medical training are behind him and "I soon realizedthat I was now responsible for my own livelihood and even for the lives of many patients!" The way the sudden humor of that line undercuts any self-importance captures perfectly the tone of the whole book. In the table of contents, the chapter headings are playful and commonplace, and they hook you with their bluntness: Owning a Car in Manhattan Kissing Disease Nail Upper Peninsula Refrigerator 112 chapters in all?112 stories, most of them only a few pages,...