Обложка книги My Fight With Lupus

My Fight With Lupus

ISBN: 1413716032;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 52

Book DescriptionMy Fight With Lupus is the true story of the author's battle with lupus beginning at age seven when she suffered a stroke. While in the resulting coma, Trudy had a near-death experience and woke up to face slurred speech and left side paralysis. Trudy's response to the prospect of life in a wheelchair was, "No way. I'm going to walk."Follow Trudy's recovery from the stroke and her battle with the other physical problems of lupus including blood clots, seizures, surgeries and kidney loss. Read how lupus has affected her relationships and how depression, a side effect of her medicine, has made her suicidal at times.You will be inspired by Trudy's life today, how she has helped herself by helping other people. Although unable to work, Trudy volunteers in a class of mentally challenged teenagers and at her church as Sunday school teacher and deacon. She also relieves stress by watching the ducks and the geese swimming in the harbor where she lives and by playing with her...

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