Обложка книги Passion, Profession & Politics

Passion, Profession & Politics

ISBN: 0741422131;
Издательство: Infinity Publishing
Страниц: 212

Book DescriptionPASSION, PROFESSION & POLITICS is the story of an American Doctor who became Chief Physician of the Olympic Team of the Soviet Union, as the USSR was collapsing. But whose zeal to improve his profession cost him personally, in marriages, and a trans-continental love affair spanning twenty years, and ending in disaster. His professional successes were due to a savvy of professional and International relations, but personally, was his international relations which nearly destroyed him. Something for everyone.... This tale of a family's history and famous relations runs the gamut from the intimate details of a lurid romance out of Hollywood, to theories on the truth behind the fall of Gorbachev... from a man who was there.

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