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Stephen Mathis

Minding Your Own Business: Secrets to Overcome Job Dissatisfaction

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ISBN: 0595129676
Издательство: Authors Choice Press
Minding Your Own Business! offers practical and inspiring career advice on how to succeed in present or prospective employment using 7 powerful principles for personal profit. In a changing economy and cross-cultural world, these principles offer a proactive, entrepreneurial style for the individual. It is a power book packed with uncommon sense and lots of heart and soul. It defines the new spirit of business for our millennium. Full of advice, quotations, positive affirmations, and personal strategies, you can overcome job dissatisfaction by being your own boss! After all, you’re not really working for someone else. Minding Your Own Business! is about standing up for yourself with dignity, self-respect and being comfortable with your life’s work. It is a business handbook to job therapy!