Обложка книги The Story of JUDE : A Guide to Rehabilitation Counseling

The Story of JUDE : A Guide to Rehabilitation Counseling

ISBN: 0595315879;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 198

Book Description While quietly mourning her husband on the very street corner where he was killed in a motorcycle accident, Jude was run down by an impaired driver who left her with a serious brain injury. As a result she lost the care of her children, legal autonomy, important aspects of her health, and a sense of self. She was so angry that life had heaped these insults upon the indisputable fact of her rapidly advancing Huntington's disease that she vehemently rejected offers of professional help--until she met Sol Mogerman, a counselor hired by her insurance company. The first part of this book gives a session by session account of the counseling journey that led to Jude's forgiveness of a world that injured her and acceptance of her place in it as bearer and example of unconditional love. The second part puts forth the ideas, attitudes and skills that Sol engaged with Jude in their successful process of rehabilitation counseling. "The Story of Jude...