Обложка книги A Life Of Ernest Starling (People and Ideas Series)

A Life Of Ernest Starling (People and Ideas Series)

ISBN: 0195177800;
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Страниц: 227

Book DescriptionErnest Starling (1866-1927) was pre-eminent in the golden age of British Physiology. His name is usually associated with his Law of the Heart, but his discovery of secretin (the first hormone whose mode of action was explained) and his work on capillaries were more important contributions. He coined the word 'hormone' one hundred years ago. His analysis of capillary function demonstrated that equal and opposite forces move across the capillary wall--an outward (hydrostatic)force and an inward (osmotic) force derived from plasma proteins. Starling was much more than a gifted scientist. He held passionate views on many subjects - education, London University, Germany and the British Government, etc. - and was not slow to vice them. Time has shown most of his views to be right, but their publication may have hampered his worldly success. Working on defense against poison gas during WWI, he crossed swords with the war office. After resigning his commission as...