Обложка книги On the Other Side of the Desk

On the Other Side of the Desk

ISBN: 0595669980;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 122

Book Description?I found it (the story) at first sad and tragic, all the more to be uplifted by its outcome. What better ever proof of a miracle, of the value of family support, of the power of faith, of the hand of God, of the unpredictability of life. All in all it?s a wonderful piece to read. What?s more, you make readers care, because the woman (Jane Williams) and her family, including the convincing and articulate narrator, Dr. Henry, become real people in readers? minds, people they know well enough to worry about, to cheer for. I came to feel, thanks to Dr. Joel Hilaire?s sharp and rich writing, that I was one of those people, close to the family, involved in every down-and-up event. To my mind you achieved exactly what you were after with this extensive true-to-life story.?? Lou Fisher , from Long Ridge Writers Group Download Description?