Обложка книги A Soldier's Promise: The Alvin W. Shipman Story

A Soldier's Promise: The Alvin W. Shipman Story

ISBN: 1583850120;
Издательство: Cold Tree Press
Страниц: 308

Book DescriptionThis real life drama, "A Soldier's Promise: The Alvin W. Shipman Story," containing the only confession by a Nazi death camp commander known to exist, chronicles the turbulent years of World War II as seen through the eyes of Sgt. Alvin W. Shipman and his new bride, Inez. Each relives their memories, as they come to grips with the reality of conflict and his division's final assault on Nazi-controlled Europe. Sgt. Shipman is unaware he is about to take part in an event that will change his life forever ­ the liberation of the previously unknown death camp, Mauthausen. As he repatriates those in the camp, he befriends two former prisoners, Charles Pilarski and an angelic, ten-year-old boy, Hans Schmidt. In spite of his best efforts, he must leave Hans behind as he departs for home. But it is the promise that he will smuggle out a small book printed, by Charles, inside the prison and share it with the world, which tears at his conscience as...