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Autobiography of a Yankee Mariner: Christopher Prince and the American Revolution

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ISBN: 1574885332
Издательство: Brassey's Inc
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 272
Book DescriptionAdds to our knowledge of the great events, major actors, and social effects of the American Revolution Complements existing scholarship about the hardships of a seafaring life and the origins of the antebellum seamen?s religious movement Recounts Prince?s narrow escapes from death and capture, his travails as a prisoner, and his financial gains and losses as a result of the war Reveals previously unknown details about a joint Indian and British attack on American positions outside Montreal, Ethan Allen?s imprisonment, and the treatment of smallpox In 1806, when retired sea captain and religious activist Christopher Prince (1751?1832) began to write his life?s story, he wanted simply to leave his family a record of his experiences. Today, his autobiography survives as one of the extremely rare participants? accounts of seafaring during the American Revolution. As a literary work, it shares characteristics of three...
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