Обложка книги Boy Soldier

Boy Soldier

ISBN: 0805960422;
Издательство: Dorrance Publishing Co.
Страниц: 76

Book DescriptionThe harsh realities of war remain mostly unseen to those who are left behind ? the families and friends of our service men and women who are sent overseas to face the awful truth of the horrifying and brutal actions of wartime. It was doubly hard, in particular, for Vietnam veterans who returned to a country that did not welcome them, did not understand their anguish, and was not adequately prepared to help them reconcile the beliefs they had been taught with the realities they encountered. Such was the case for Vincent M. Horan, Boy Soldier, who courageously shares his personal story of going to Vietnam as a boy-man in his late teens, returning barely a year later as a changed man ? but how changed he did not understanduntil many years later. It was not until he underwent his own therapy and later counseled veterans of the Vietnam War, as well as other wars, that he began to understand the scope of what is now known as Post-Traumatic Stress...