Обложка книги Civil War Journal: The Leaders

Civil War Journal: The Leaders

ISBN: 0517221934;
Издательство: Gramercy
Страниц: 480

Book DescriptionDeveloped from the popular History Channel series, Civil War Journal: The Leaders features eighteen readable biographies of men who led their fellow citizens during the conflict, both on and off the battlefield. Many were generalsor soldiers, while others fought slavery, created entire industries, wrote impassioned speeches and articles, and enacted legislation. This readable volume features hundreds of period photographs, letters, sketches, engravings, and maps to illuminate the text, along with the insights of leading contemporary scholars. Read about the lives and influential actions of: • John Brown • Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain • Jefferson Davis • Fredrick Douglass • Nathan Bedford Forrest • Ulysses S. Grant • Winfield Scott Hancock • Stonewall Jackson • Robert E. Lee • James Longstreet • George B. McClellan • John S. Mosby ...

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