Обложка книги Drake: For God, Queen, and Plunder (Brassey's Military Profiles)

Drake: For God, Queen, and Plunder (Brassey's Military Profiles)

ISBN: 1574884069;
Издательство: Potomac Books
Страниц: 97

Book DescriptionPresents a volume in Brassey?s new "Military Profiles" series Depicts the dramatic life of one of England?s earliest naval heroes Chronicles the origins of British naval supremacy In 1588, King Philip II of Spain attempted to return England to the Catholic fold by force of naval arms. The Spanish Armada confidently set sail for what became one of the most crushing defeats in history, due in part to the efforts of Sir Francis Drake. During the previous century, Europehad fully emerged from its Dark Ages, and its explorers ventured to all corners of the globe. Inevitably, these new world powers came into conflict with one another over economic, dynastic, and religious issues. In the midst of this upheaval, Francis Drake, who was motivated as much by his intense hatred of Catholic Spain as he was by his devotion to plunder and to his Protestant queen, etched a name for himself in the annals of naval history. Drake was born a commoner, but his...