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Patrick Moffett

Fortunate Soldier

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ISBN: 0974227803
Издательство: Garrison-Savanna Publishing, LLC
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 300
Book DescriptionVIETNAM 1968 ? AND THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS STORY EVER! This is the story of Pat Moffett, a 20-year old street smart wise-ass who went to Vietnam and came out alive. And this is the hilarious story of Pat?s wartime adventures inVietnam as he runs amok on the streets and in the air embroiled with currency schemes, the black market, impersonating officers, hijacking a helicopter to get pizza, dating bar girls, running secret personal missions for army brass, cutting deals, dodging bullets, skirting police, dragged into street fights, stalked by tigers, rescuing orphans, going from being nearly arrested to getting a bronze star, and picking shrapnel out of his butt. And that?s just for starters. No matter where you stand on Vietnam, you?d have to be dead not to laugh at loud when reading Pat?s stories.
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