Обложка книги I Never Liked Those C-130's Anyway

I Never Liked Those C-130's Anyway

ISBN: 1412004071;
Издательство: Not Avail
Страниц: 206

Book DescriptionYour chance to relive a little piece of "The Good Old Days" and find the answers to these burning questions: * Which future Coast Guard Captain said "Shit, Mal, let's do a 360 and get out of here." * Which Coast Guard astronaut said, when asked to describe his scariest moment, "Flying as Malcolm Smith's co-pilot." * Which Coast Guard aviator got the blame for putting training wheels and streamers on the commanding officer's and XO's new bicycles. * Which Coast Guard aviator threw up in his glove while flying rather than make a mess in the cockpit. This book brings back some of the funniest moments of the Coast Guard during the time period between the "Old Guard" and the new modern Coast Guard.