Обложка книги Organizations. Structures, Processes, and Outcomes

Organizations. Structures, Processes, and Outcomes


ISBN: 0-13-184970-0;
Издательство: Prentice Hall Press
Страниц: 292

This ninth edition of Organizations: Structures, Processes, and Outcomes has undergone a major revision. Pamela S. Tolbert is now a coauthor and has rewritten three of the chapters. A large number of out-of-date references have been removed. We have tried to make each chapter reflect the cutting edge of the field of sociology of organizations, while retaining the insights that previous research has revealed. Many contemporary organizations are coping with an array of major crises, ranging from terrorism to financial collapse. In the face of these changing conditions, the way in which many organizations continue to function, providing the stability our society needs to persist on its course, is remarkable. This book is intended to help readers understand the sources of both change and stability in modern organizations. We have retained the overviews at the beginning of each chapter and the exercises at the end of each chapter. These appear to be useful resources for...