Обложка книги Marshal Zhukov

Marshal Zhukov

ISBN: 0582772338;
Издательство: Longman
Страниц: 272

Book Description Public appetite for Zhukov has been whetted by Beevor's books ? he features heavily in both Second World War - huge market for this sector Contains gripping stories of some of the biggest and most dramatic military events of WW2 - Stalingrad, capture of Berlin - Zhukov was the key factor Success of films such as 'Enemy at the Gates' and Beevor 's Stalingrad & Fall of Berlin books demonstrates the massive public interest in the Russian element of WW2 No decent book on Zhukov for some time, therefore huge potential for blockbuster biography Author is enormously qualified to write on the subject 'The best of the best' is how Marshal Georgy Zhukov has been described by his fellow Russian generals. Some experts, East and West, say Georgi K. Zhukov was perhaps the best general on any front in the entire war. Zhukov's leadership on the field is shown in such epic battles as Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad,...