Обложка книги Occupying Force: A Sailor's Journey Following World War II

Occupying Force: A Sailor's Journey Following World War II

ISBN: 0595279953;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 162

Book DescriptionA surprise attack on American soil and a holy war waged under the guise of an ancient religion . . . A nation of zealots indoctrinated to hate Western Civilization and a culture ignoring reason in favor of mindless violence . . . A cabal of militarists conditioned to elect suicide as a battle strategy and celebrate death for divine reward! Headlines from today's war on terrorism? No--these were the themes of America's war with twentieth-century Japan. Joining the Navy to face these fearsome enemies, seventeen-year-old Charlie misses the action in World War II by mere days. Then, directed to occupy the former foe's homeland instead, he remains behind when the war's heroes have all returned to a welcoming nation. Working and enduring through the months, Charlie records his daily thoughts while growing to respect the Japanese people--and does his best to find adventure along the way!

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