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Douglas V. Meed

Soldier of Fortune: Adventuring in Latin America and Mexico with Emil Lewis Holmdahl

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ISBN: 1931823057
Издательство: Halcyon Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 226
Book DescriptionSOLDIER OF FORTUNE traces the bold and adventurous career of Emil Holmdahl, one of that swashbuckling breed of mercenaries growing out of the United States? imperialistic years during the early twentieth century. Following Holmdahl from the Philippine Insurrection, through the "banana wars" in Central America, onto the bloody stage of the Mexican Revolution and World War I, Douglas Meed captures the drama and adventure not only of Holmdahl, but of the United States? quest to become a major world power. Holmdahl?s adventures in Mexico shed new light on revolutionary activities and the struggle for power, including the death of revolutionary leader Francisco "Pancho" Villa. Meed suggests that Holmdahl may have been the man who opened Villa?s grave, cut off his head, and sold it to a Mexican general. SOLDIER OF FORTUNE is a fascinating account of a bygone age, and forms a distinctive addition to the annals of the American Southwest.
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