Обложка книги Tarheel Tiger

Tarheel Tiger

ISBN: 1566642493;
Издательство: WorldComm
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionExciting World War II experiences from a Flying Tiger who writes vividly of his wartime service: "I went with Melloan and a flight of thirteen planes off at 08:00 to bomb the railroad yard at Siang Kiang on the river above Changsha. We strafed 3 sampans with troops and 1 double-decked barge and burned 2 small villages . We would have had greater results but we were jumped by 12 Tojo Zeroes and 4 Oscar Zeros. We were caught on the deck and had low munitions when we were caught. I had aTojo jump me ..." More than just another WWII memoir; this guy can WRITE.