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David C. Newton

The Lost Civil War Diaries: The Diaries of Corporal Timothy J. Regan

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ISBN: 1553956567
Издательство: Not Avail
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 341
Book DescriptionProduct Description Lost and forgotten in a travel trunk for almost 60 years, the diaries where discovered in the 1950s but languished in silence and obscurity until the recent discovery of the identity of thier author, Corporal Timothy J. Regan, of the Ninth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment, in 1998. This Regiment was Boston's Irish Regiment, the Fighting Ninth! These diaries are American Civil War artifacts, much like any rifle, uniform, horn, letter or sword from the war, except, these artifacts tell a story. Brief snapshots of time captured in daily entries as events actually happened, not from memoirs or research done years later. This is a primary resource documenting the trials, sacrifices, defeats and ultimate victories of the 9th in the North?s, Army of the Potomac, from April 15, 1861, through the war and beyond to March 10, 1876. This diary account entails Mr. Regan?s complete three year enlistment from June 11, 1861, through June...
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