Обложка книги Battle For Honor

Battle For Honor

ISBN: 1412028612;
Издательство: Traffor Publishing
Страниц: 138

Book Description Battle for Honor chronicles Edward "Edyo" Keehan's coming of age during the hardships of the Great Depression and the beginning of World War II, a time when the future of the free world hung in the balance. It's a coming of agestory that follows a skinny 17-year-old kid dropping out of high school shortly after Dec. 7, 1941 to enlist in the US Navy. The book follows Keehan's assignment to a light cruiser USS Savannah , and to her subsequent fighting of Axis forces in North Africa and Europe, including taking a German 3400 pound radio control bomb on Sept. 11, 1943 and inflicting the ship with over 200 casualties. From the Savannah , Keehan assigned to another fighting ship, the USS Saint Paul fighting in the pacific. The Saint Paul had the honor of firing the last major salvo of the war on mainland Japan, Keehan decked in dress blues is aboard the Saint Paul at Tokyo Bay when Gen. MacArthur accepts the Japanese...