Обложка книги Public International Law: Text, Cases, and Readings

Public International Law: Text, Cases, and Readings

ISBN: 0-13-299892-0;
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Страниц: 624

The purpose of this book is to give students and instructors a straightforward readable text that comprehensively examines the topic of public international law and to combine with the text an extensive collection of cases and readings that sets out the law in the original language of judges and jurists. This book also attempts to take a worldview of public international law. The sources it uses, accordingly, are both international and multinational. Unlike most English language textbooks on this topic, this book relies extensively on materials from outside the Anglo-American common law world. In particular, the selection of cases for this book was consciously made with the intent of offering students a diverse and varied perspective. There are 111 cases reproduced in substantial part in the pages that follow. They come from many sources, but most come from international forums, as the following listing shows: The International Court of Justice (and its...

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