Обложка книги Churchill at War: His "Finest Hour" in Photographs 1940-1945

Churchill at War: His "Finest Hour" in Photographs 1940-1945

ISBN: 0393058786;
Издательство: W. W. Norton & Company
Страниц: 160

Book Description Wonderfully revealing images of a great and photogenic leader in a time of war. Churchill at War combines official Churchill biographer Sir Martin Gilbert's authoritative text with almost 200 photographs from the remarkable archive of London's Imperial War Museum to create an unprecedented portrait of Churchill throughout World War II. Whether deep in conversation with world leaders, sharing a joke with dock workers, inspecting bomb-damaged cities, rallying his troops inthe theaters of war, picnicking with his generals on the banks of the Rhine, visiting the ruins of Berlin, or celebrating the victory over Germany, Churchill's charisma, strength of character, sense of humor, sensitivity, and love for his country shine out from these images. Churchill at War is an insightful glimpse into the wartime life of the man whose friendship with Franklin D. Roosevelt led to the closest-ever Anglo-American relationship, and whose tireless commitment to...

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