Обложка книги Forrest: The Confederacy's Relentless Warrior (Brassey's Military Profiles)

Forrest: The Confederacy's Relentless Warrior (Brassey's Military Profiles)


ISBN: 1574886258;
Издательство: Potomac Books
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionRevered by some, notorious to others, Nathan Bedford Forrest has long been considered one of the greatest soldiers of the American Civil War. Historian Robert Browning introduces readers to the facts and myths that surround this controversial man. Responsible for his family at a young age, Forrest scratched out a living on the frontier wilderness of Tennessee and Mississippi. He quickly developed traits?self-reliance, decisiveness, and assertiveness?that would later make him famous. Whether he was stalking a panther or challenging a gun-wielding assailant, Forrest realized that boldness was half the battle. In business the uneducated Forrest made a for-tune in various endeavors, including the slave trade. When the Civil War began, Forrest quickly became an adept recruiter and leader, despite his lack of training in military science. His cavalrymen became famous for the forced marches, deception, and audacious battlefield maneuvers they used to defeat...