Обложка книги Mosquito Victory (Bomber Crews)

Mosquito Victory (Bomber Crews)

ISBN: 0907579337;
Издательство: Crecy Publishing
Страниц: 176

Book DescriptionMosquito Victory is the final volume of the autobiographical trilogy which includes Wings Over Georgia and Lancaster Target. ?The westward sky was full of thunderclouds, a line of ghostly battlements above the German coast. The anvil-top ahead of me was brilliantly white ? whiter than a prince?s pillowcase, or Caribbean teeth, or angel?s wings. Pittam and I were flying at 25,000 feet, and it hung above us, dazzling in the April sun. Underneath that flattened head, in the great mass of cloud, were thousands of gallons of water, in vapour, rain and hail; profligate discharges of electricity spasmodically occurred, each enough to light a city for a week. There was ice in there and airframe-breaking turbulence. That cloud was trouble from the bottom ? which was pouring rain on Emden ? to the top. Its name was cumulonimbus, and people back in Huntingdon, at PFF Headquarters, would be interested to know that it was there." Extract from Mosquito...

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