Обложка книги Not Enough Tears

Not Enough Tears

ISBN: 1418436828;
Издательство: Authorhouse
Страниц: 251

Book DescriptionWe were all touched by the Vietnam War in some way. Veterans, their families, friends and a whole new generation still have unanswered questions about that turbulent time. "Not Enough Tears" lets you see the good and bad through the eyes of a young army draftee sent to fight for his nation. Duty and patriotic pride quickly degenerated into a fight for survival. Taking one of the most dangerous jobs in an infantry company, Dave came home with hardly a scratch. There were no odds to explain the supernatural protection he received. After two months, that covering extended to everyone around him when he walked point. Over time, that unbelievable "luck" turned into a curse as walking point and going home became vexing choices between life and death. Like most vets, Dave thought he buried the war after coming home. Surviving the horrors of Vietnam meant he could handle anything. Thirty years later his life was falling apart. He?d given up. Leaving his family...