Обложка книги Pacified Zone

Pacified Zone

ISBN: 1413730779;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 221

Book DescriptionLieutenant Gary W. Suffern?s first week started with a bang in Viet Nam?s central highlands and ended with a bang 350 days later. Between was an adventure of horrendous firefights with the enemy, and conflicts with a company commander afraid of combat just punching his career ticket for future rank.With lots of luck and common sense, Lieutenant Suffern survives combat injuries and several court-martial charges leveled by the captain. Lieutenant Steve Tomlinson, a fellow company officer, becomes a steadfast friend and equal thorn in the side of the captain. Over the course of the year, higher-ranking officers recognize the short falls of the captain and indirectly help ease the aggravation building day by day.Together the two lieutenants survive their tours and finally reunite after twenty-five years.