Обложка книги Reminds Me of the Time: Vietnam 1968

Reminds Me of the Time: Vietnam 1968

ISBN: 0741418770;
Издательство: Infinity Publishing
Страниц: 172

Book DescriptionThis book covers the life of the author for about two years from the time he was first selected by the draft in 1966-1967 during his junior year in college. It chronicles the following twenty-one months of his military life. Beginning with Basic Training and continuing through to his return to civilian life in 1969. In particular, this story covers his routine and not so routine days in 1968 Vietnam. These include his memories of being the "New Guy" Private without a clue to nine months later becoming the Sergeant in charge of his section. It also covers the remainder of his brief military career at Ft. Carson Colorado and his return to college life as a 24 year old veteran in 1969.