Обложка книги Split/Vision


ISBN: 0595319521;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 284

Book Description Split/Vision is John Wilbur's Vietnamese experience. A former U.S. Navy SEAL, he served eighteen months in Vietnam at the height of the war years (1967-68)where he fought and lived among the Vietnamese of the Mekong Delta that became like home. 32 years later he returns alone as a tourist. After a jarring start arriving at "Ho Chi Minh" City, he encounters a split-vision in discovering a new and different country while searching for the old. In his travels, Wilbur's narration reveals an internal journey that moves rhythmically between the now and then. Drawn back to the Mekong, he muses over its ancient river and rice culture, recalls the dark nights hunting for the VC along the great brown rivers, living through the TET Offensive, a fight to near death, promises broken, redemption and renewal among the irresistible humanity of a people torn by war and decades of oppression. The discovery of the North, the surprise of Hanoi, chance encounters and...