Обложка книги The General's Women

The General's Women

ISBN: 0967817560;
Издательство: The Sektor Company
Страниц: 216

Book DescriptionIn creative first-person interviews spanning 100 years, the man Douglas MacArthur and his loves are introduced. Though a brilliant military leader, General MacArthur's romantic relationships failed in one romance after another, though notfor lack of effort on his part. He wooed the fairer sex determinedly with grace, charm, and highly poetic words. Some say, because of his close bond to his mother, MacArthur was unable to develop a satisfactory relationship with a woman for most of his life, except for a brief first-marriage. This may be true, for it was only after his mother's death when he was 57 years old, that he finally achieved a fulfilling and lasting love. Interviews are in the style of a popular present-day TV journalist. With access to love letters and poems (all of which are given in the book), and the gossip of the day, "Bobbe Waters" probes the principals to uncover titillating details of Douglas MacArthur's love life. The interviews...