Обложка книги The Warrior's Rose

The Warrior's Rose

ISBN: 1932373772;
Издательство: Cedar Hill Pub
Страниц: 161

Book DescriptionThis is the story of Tamas Weber, a French Foreign Legion warrior who was born in Hungary in 1942, during WWII. His father was murdered by the Nazis and after the war ended, the Soviet Communist Regime assumed control of Hungary. His mother managed to flee to France. Because she was unable to take care of her two children, they were taken to a boarding school; this is where Tamas Weber was exposed to the Japanese martial arts. In 1958 not even 17 years old, he joined the legendary French Foreign Legion and was shipped to Algeria to participate in the long and bloody Algerian war. He was wounded several times during the battles and was awarded numerous medals for bravery including two Silver Stars. We travel with this fatherless boy and his brother through his "escape" through a war ravaged Europe, from Budapest to Paris, were they soon also become figuratively, if not formally, motherless. Taken care of by French Social Services, which left in a state of chaos after...