Обложка книги Vietnam Vignettes: Tales Of An Infantryman

Vietnam Vignettes: Tales Of An Infantryman

ISBN: 1591135125;
Издательство: Booklocker.com
Страниц: 184

Book DescriptionIn vivid prose, Vietnam Vignettes discloses the author?s innermost feelings about his experiences as an advisor and an infantry commander in Vietnam in the late sixties and early seventies. Writing with the clarity of a seasonedjournalist and with the insight of a soldier who came up through the ranks, Lee Basnar describes the war?s horrific impact on Vietnamese peasants, and details his soldiers? daily struggle to survive. He presents a new perspective on what it meant to be an infantryman in the longest war in our nation's history. From searching for missing soldiers upon taking command of Charlie Company to leading his troops in a night combat air assault to rescue a beleaguered platoon, the author immerses the reader in each scene. He explains why a top-secret operation in North Vietnam drowned four of his soldiers. He skillfully conveys tension, fear, and courage as his infantrymen engage in a series of firefights across the coastal plain...