Обложка книги Ambroise Pare And His Times 1510 to 1590

Ambroise Pare And His Times 1510 to 1590

ISBN: 141790318X;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 380

Book Description1897. Illustrated. From the Preface: Even though a book goes over old ground, it may yet be welcome; and Ambroise Pare's life was so full of good works, adventure, and romance, that it ought to be known and honored in other countries besides France. Therefore I have put these notes together, conveying into them the facts that have been established by Malgaigne, Le Paulmier, and other authors. We seldom hear his name in England: save that it is sometimes said he invented the ligature of arteries, which he did not; or he is mentioned in a First of October address to medical students; as was the fate of Hannibal in Juvenal's time-Ut pueris placeas et declamatio fias. Such an address, perfect of its kind, given in 1889 by Mr. Godlee at University College Hospital, set me to work on this present venture. Contents: Boyhood and Early Life. 1510-1541; Journeys in Diverse Places. 1537-1569; Notes to the Journeys in Diverse Places; Paris. 1541-1572; Paris. 1573-1590; Opera...

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