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Andrew A. Wiest

Haig: The Evolution of a Commander (Potomac Books' Military Profiles series)

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ISBN: 1574886843
Издательство: Potomac Books
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 137
Book DescriptionFor years, Douglas Haig has been considered perhaps the most controversial military leader in British history. Today his career is at the center of a swirling historiographical debate concerning the nature of the First World War. The traditional school contends that Haig, like the majority of generals from both sides, were overmatched, hidebound relics of a bygone military age who could not come to grips with modern war. They allegedly sent their soldiers "over the top" in waves, with a criminal disregard for the mounting cost in lives. A new revisionist school contends that many Great War leaders, including Haig, were central to a phenomenal period of military innovation that laid the foundations for modern war. This so-called learning curve led from the killing fields of the Somme to the protoblitzkrieg tactics of the 100 Days Battles. Having achieved a measure of fame in Britain?s colonial wars, Haig began the First World War as a corps commander and...
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