Обложка книги Story of Confucius: His Life and Sayings

Story of Confucius: His Life and Sayings

ISBN: 0766170845;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 276

Book Description1927. In Confucius, we have one of the world's most interesting characters - a fountain of ethics and moral philosophy; an inspirer of the highest type, yet purely human. Although the editorials and sayings of Confucius are fragmentary, we can so arrange and connect them that they may come into a system or systems of thought. The social ideal of Confucius is harmony. It is his own ethical system that draws us closer to Confucius. We feel more at home with him when we come to his ethics. His ethical sayings are simply, homely and practical. They are universal, mostly applicable in all times.