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Thomas Reid

ISBN: 0766196127; 9780766196124;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 160
Формат: 84x108/32

Book Description1898. This little book is an attempt to present Reid in a fresh light, and in his relations to present-day thought. It deals with the Scottish chapter in that enduring alternation between agnostic despair and endeavor after perfect insight which seems to be a law of the philosophic progress of mankind. Thomas Reid, homebred and self-contained, is the national representative, in the eighteenth century, of the via media between these extremes. In the concluding chapter I have looked at the philosophical appeal to inspired data of Common Sense, in the wider light of the theistic philosophy of the universe, and not merely as part of an inductive science of the human mind. This connects the theistic postulate of spiritual reason, as the foundation of human experience, with Reid's appeal to the ultimate but often dormant necessities of human nature. Contents: Boyhood and Ancestry: Strachan and the Valley of the Dee; At Marischal College; New Machar and David Hume; Old...

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