Обложка книги A Tale of Two Brothers: The Story of the Wright Brothers

A Tale of Two Brothers: The Story of the Wright Brothers

ISBN: 1412001463;
Издательство: Not Avail
Страниц: 160

Book DescriptionA TALE OF TWO BROTHERS: The Story Of The Wright Brothers is a book that captures the human drama of the Wright brothers' lives. The author views the relationship of these two famous men through the lens of human dynamics. This focus findsthe Wright family structure unique for the historical period in which the brothers were raised. Milton Wright, their father, was an ordained minister who was firmly committed to his ministry and the defense of his church's original constitution. But evenin his frequent absences to serve the western congregations, he continued to stimulate his children's imaginations through his many descriptive letters. He taught his children to read and write before they attended public school. Susan Koerner Wright assumed the maternal duties of a nineteenth century woman, plus the total management of their growing family during her husband's frequent absences. Because of her own mechanical abilities, she nurtured her sons' intuitive skills and...