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Rachel Sherwood Roberts

Art Smith: Pioneer Aviator

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ISBN: 0786416467
Издательство: McFarland & Company
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 220
Book DescriptionBy 1915, pioneer aviator Art Smith was as celebrated as any movie star might be today. He thrilled audiences with his barnstorming feats, doing "death spirals," sky writing, "loop-the-loops," and night flights using phosphorus fireworks.He was a consummate showman and had he not died in 1926, his name probably would be familiar to most Americans. He glamorized and popularized aviation while testing the boundaries of aeronautical principles. As a boy he longed to fly before he had ever seen an airplane. His parents believed in him, and he was fortunate to have a best friend named Al Wertman who helped him build an airplane. His fame spread around the globe and in 1916, the Japanese offered him $10,000 for a series of exhibitions. His flying skills inspired a young Wiley Post to a life of aviation. After Smith?s death, when Lindbergh flew over Fort Wayne and dipped his wings, he gave credit to the "Bird Boy" Art Smith. The story of this rising star in...
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