Обложка книги Autobiographical Tracts

Autobiographical Tracts

ISBN: 0766147487;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 92

Book DescriptionThe five tracts found in this work are by the brilliant and learned chemist, mathematician and astronomer, Dr. John Dee. Includes: The Compendious Rehearsal of John Dee, an extremely rare document; Supplication to Queen Mary; Articles forthe Recovery and Preservation of the Ancient Monuments, which serve to illustrate the Compendious Rehearsal; A Necessary Advertisement, another excessively rare document which forms the preface to Dee's General and Rare Memorials Pertaining to the Perfect Art of Navigation; and A Letter Containing a Most Brief Discourse Apologetical, a letter by Dee sent to Whitgift. Most of the text is written in the Old English style.