Обложка книги Curie (Life & Times) (Life and Times)

Curie (Life & Times) (Life and Times)

ISBN: 1904341292;
Издательство: Haus Pub.
Страниц: 176

Book DescriptionMarie Curie (1867-1934) was not only the first woman to win the Nobel Prize -- she won two. For many years the scientific establishment in Paris neglected her work, but in 1903, with her husband Pierre and Henri Becquerel, she won the Nobel Prize for Physics for their pioneering work in the field of radioactivity. Eight years later, she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for her discovery of Radium and Polonium. Sarah Dry offers a picture of a more dynamic and politically engaged Curie than the isolated genius of popular memory. This biography includes an essay by Sabine Seifert on the life of Marie Curie?s little-recognized daughter and coworker, Irene Joliot-Curie, who was also awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1936.