Обложка книги Test Your Creative Thinking

Test Your Creative Thinking

ISBN: 0-7494-4004-X;
Издательство: Kogan Page
Страниц: 160

Almost everyone is born with the capacity to be creative, but those skills are often neglected or untapped. Creative and lateral thinking is all about thinking "outside the box", which means breaking out of familiar thought patterns and coming up with new and unusual associations and possibilities. It is the key to improving creativity. This book of nearly 250 brand new lateral puzzles, which includes two creative thinking tests, aims to encourage readers to think creatively. Whether at work, as part of an assessment or simply for fun, learning to think creatively can be hugely rewarding and make a real difference to an individual's ability. By trying to find unusual and unexpected associations, patterns and connections, readers can learn to keep an open mind and to look at everything in a different way. With plenty of questions and tips, this book provides an ideal opportunity for anyone to assess and improve their creativity.