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Ulf Lagerkvist

Pioneers of Microbiology and the Nobel Prize

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ISBN: 981238233X
Издательство: World Scientific Publishing Company
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 188
Book DescriptionWe are swamped with information and each day seems to bring new discoveries that must be considered. Never before in the history of science have so many scientists been as active as today. It has become a major problem for the expert justto keep up with the literature in his or her own field of research. Why, then, should experts and their poor students worry about the pioneers of microbiology, those half-forgotten scientists who a century ago devoted their lives to a new science that was on its way to revolutionizing medicine? With so many new facts and problems screaming for our attention, it is easy to lose sight of the long road that we have travelled in order to get to the point where we are now. Tracing the path of those who have gone before us will help us to see our own scientific goals and efforts in a more revealing perspective. The great figures who are at the center of interest in this book ? Robert Koch, Emil von Behring, Paul Ehrlich and Elie...
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