Обложка книги Benjamin Franklin, Genius of Kites, Flights and Voting Rights

Benjamin Franklin, Genius of Kites, Flights and Voting Rights

ISBN: 0786419423;
Издательство: McFarland & Company
Страниц: 266

Book DescriptionThis unconventional biography of Benjamin Franklin, the great American Renaissance man, explores examples of Franklin?s diverse genius and accomplishments in different fields. Among the topics explored are Franklin?s views on women?s issues, such as disapproving of impractical hoopskirts, supporting their education, and suggesting insurance for widows and spinsters. It describes his love of a good hoax, contributions to ballooning while an ambassador in France, experiments with the famous kite, and advances in heating houses. His work with money is also covered, including methods of printing money to confuse counterfeiters, a revolutionary way of making a print of a real leaf, and his updated portrait on the present $100 bill. Franklin?s role as head of a commission to examine (and debunk) mesmerism is addressed. No stranger to controversy, Franklin headed the first successful attempt to unify the colonies to create a country. This...