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Letters from the Desert: The Correspondence of Flinders and Hilda Petrie

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ISBN: 0856687480
Издательство: Aris & Phillips
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 261
Book DescriptionFlinders Petrie began his long association with ancient Egypt and the Near East when he went to Giza to survey the pyramids in 1880. Until his death in Jerusalem in 1942 he continued to dig almost until the end. During his long career he revolutionised Egyptian archaeology and indeed can be said to have founded modern scientific archaeology. But this book is not concerned with his scientific work, except tangentially, as Petrie had an admirable practice of publishing his excavations soon after they were completed. These letters and journals have been selected for their vivid account of living in Egypt and Palestine for sixty years. Even more they describe Petrie's austere approach to a dig where the archaeology was everything and creaturecomforts near non-existent. Many anecdotes survive of life on one of Petrie's digs and the reality as revealed in these accounts is just as eccentric. Astonishingly when Flinders married Hilda she took to the Petrie system like a duck...
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