Обложка книги The Published Writings of Wilbur and Orville Wright

The Published Writings of Wilbur and Orville Wright

ISBN: 1588341429;
Издательство: Smithsonian Books
Страниц: 368

Book Description A rare glimpse into the Wright brothers' genius, replete with human weakness, failure, and majestic triumphs . Wilbur and Orville Wright not only were the first to build and fly a powered airplane, but they also invented aeronautical engineering and became among the most eloquent and influential of aviation's early pioneers. The brothers wrote dozens of articles about their work and aviation in general, which offer a wealth of detail and unique insight into the birth of flight. 59 b/w illustrations. "Nearly 70 technical and popular articles, speeches, interviews, letters, and other writing by the brothers span from their experiments with gliders at the beginning of the twentieth century to Orville's death in 1948. They describe the design of their aircraft, early test flights, camp life at Kitty Hawk, airplane stability, the future of commercial aviation and air travel, sport flying, air safety, military aviation, and other topics. Wilbur's sudden death...