Обложка книги Ingenuity In A Can: The Ralph Stolle Story

Ingenuity In A Can: The Ralph Stolle Story

ISBN: 1882203453;
Издательство: Orange Frazer Press

Book DescriptionHe was industry's invisible man, quietly penetrating a crowded room, tinkering with what society found useful, then shuffling away unnoticed, an entrepreneurial apparition. Ralph couldn't help but live a life that turned a hardscrabble kid from Northern, KY into a Lebanon, OH, businessman and power player. His career took him to the heights of the Empire State Building, and into every home in America where he improved refrigerators, stoves, washing machines--even the automobile in the driveway. He fought to eradicate cancer with his immune milk, a battle that one of his former businesses is still waging. But perhaps his most enduring achievement was how Ralph forever changed pop culture--soda pop culture, anyway--when his business created the method for manufacturing the easy open and pull tab, a seemingly mundane device but an engineering feat. Geoff Williams renders a tale of a man who will inspire entrepreneurs of all interests and ages. It is a story of an...