Обложка книги The Commercial Space Age: Conquering Space Through Commerce

The Commercial Space Age: Conquering Space Through Commerce

ISBN: 1-4107-2076-4;
Издательство: 1st Books Library
Страниц: 414

Space travel is very expensive. NASA spends billions of dollars exploring space every year. Is it worth it. What are the social benefits from such an extravagant enterprise. Shouldn't we be spending the tax money on better schools, government services, or universal health care. Contrary to what many people may think, space generates huge amounts of money for the world economy. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, at least $80 billion dollars are made in space each year. It is a big industry that employs small armies of people and continues to be a growth sector of unlimited potential. 1 his hook does not explore fanciful government sponsored science projects, but instead, a businessman's dream of the same type, with profits not politics, as the driving forces. Space commerce, whether it is federally or privately funded, is already here and getting bigger everyday. Current space markets and revenues will amaze even the most skeptical. The near future shows...